Clan members

Due to the simplistic (some might say unimaginative) form we have chosen for our tags, it is easy to "fake" membership of [furryclan]. Of course, it's easy to fake membership of any clan if you look at the way members write their names but, more importantly, it's quite possible that someone might choose to have their nick surrounded by square brackets simply because they liked that style and not out of a desire to pass themselves off as a [furryclan] member.

For that reason the ONLY definitive way to determine if a player is a member of [furryclan] is to check their nick here. Do not believe any player who tells you (s)he is a member of [furryclan] without first checking for his/her nick in this list.


Full member list

Each member name is a link. Follow it to get a detailed profile of the member!

[ L0wZ0ne][-dick]